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There used to be a lot of expressions like "confirmed bachelor", "musical (or interested in the (musical) theatre)", "not the marrying type", "likes his privacy" which were used to indicate that someone was...

Терминология для обозначения гомосексуальности и однополых отношений весьма разнообразна. Различные понятия, возникшие в разные периоды времени в различных культурах, могут охватывать как гомосексуальное поведение...

Euphemisms for homosexuality. She's a tomboy%0D %0D %0D %0D He's married to his career. Not so helpful for a confused gay boy.)%0D %0D She likes bearded clams.%0D %0D.

Tattoos. Funny Gay Euphemisms.

Other euphemisms for "gay" tend to fall on the side of insult, rather than politeness, but here is a short list of neutral or positive euphemisms for gay

Through the use of euphemisms. Our society seems to want to dress up nearly every undesirable concept with "soft," and "friendly" words. "Gay" or do you call it homosexual?

It's politically incorrect among evangelicals to use the term "anti-gay." You're supposed to use a euphemism like "marriage traditionalist" or "Biblical."

As a gay, my favorite gay euphemism came from Family Guy: fanny bandit. It cracks me up. I also like "Like that" as in "Indisnt know you were like that."

In fairness, I didn't. This is an old "dirty euphemism" meme on FB. I added the Major being awkward about gay men.
Movie: Alex Andreou on Twitter: "This entire shelf of own-brand cereals..."
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