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2- Phrase used in a Politcal Correctness campaign aimed at people not using the phrase. Gregory-"Did you see that dumb PSA, 'Thats so gay' ". "Did you see Johnny's shirt? That's so gay!"

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Response to "Thats so gay" Commercial 2009-01-14 16:38:15 Reply. I feel like saying "that's so gay" just out of spite now. <script> INT.DAY(but you can't tell, cause it's INT, k? right, now). Two highlighted hair, pink shirt wearing douchebags are standing around in Hot Topic.

T-shirt I'm so gay I shit rainbows. Model images are symbolic. I'm so gay I shit rainbows. A good quality 100 % cotton t-shirt, your choice of size, model and colour.

That Shirt Is Gay - Scrubs. DarthKiev. Загрузка... Микс - That Shirt Is Gay - ScrubsYouTube.
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